Join the JML Fitness Family and start your fitness journey TODAY

JML Fitness Family Membership is an online group coaching platform designed to help you become fit and strong, more confident when it comes to exercise and give you the tools you need to reach and maintain your body goals.

Feel confident in having your very own Personal Trainer on hand wherever you are in the world for a fraction of the cost of a face to face Trainer!



What you will get...

  • Your very own Fitness App

  • Follow along training plans (Gym & Home)

  • Access to an on demand workout catalogue

  • Private Facebook Client Community Group

  • Exercise & Nutritional Guides

  • Quick & Easy to make Recipe packs

  • Weekly Accountability Check Ins

  • Weekly Q&A

  • Monthly Prize Challenges (Including entry to all 6 week Fat Loss Challenges)

  • Member of the month awards










FEB 2022



What you will get...

✓ STAY ACTIVE - with a structured workout plan to follow either at home or in the gym

-- there is even the option to choose from over 200 on demand classes at a time that suits you!

✓IMPROVE MOBILITY - with Yoga & Pilates

- available on demand to help you build core strength, increase flexibility or simply de-stress from the day


✓BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE - with our weekly check in service

- your chance to shout about your wins, receive guidance, ask questions and reflect on your week

✓NEVER BE STUCK - for recipe and food ideas

- Time efficient, tasty, nutritious meals including high protein, vegetarian and vegan

✓ARM YOURSELF WITH KNOWLEDGE - with our educational tutorials

- Learn new exercises that you can use both at home and in the gym environment

- Learn how to lose fat, how to get results and how to feel happy with your body image

✓TRACK YOUR PROGRESS - with your very own fitness hub

- store progress photographs, record measurements, log your nutrition/workouts and measure your step count all in one place


✓BECOME A PART OF THE FAMILY - with our private community

- Join like minded people in our private Facebook group. All there to keep active, support each other on their journey and have some fun along they way!

✓STAY MOTIVATED - with entry into all JML Fitness Family member prize challenges during the year (also includes entry to all 3 JML Fitness 6 week fat loss challenges (RRP £99)













































































"I have been a member of JML Fitness since the start of the 1st lockdown in March 2020.  I joined the group as all of the gyms were closed and as a regular weekly gym member needed to keep my gym classes going. These classes are not only great value for money but were a lifesaver during lockdown. James's classes are fantastic, very often tough but totally worth it. 


James is a brilliant trainer. He will encourage and motivate you to do the best you can in every class. His classes are always varied with lots of different exercises so you never get bored. I haven't done the same class twice since March. He is very knowledgeable about nutrition as well and is always there to offer his help or advice if needed. The Facebook group has a library of recorded workouts, recipes, nutritional information as well as other topics to help you out.


James is very friendly, motivational, enthusiastic, helpful and is brilliant at what he does. I can honestly say that I would 100% without doubt recommended James at JML Fitness to anyone looking to join a group,  you won't regret it!!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sharon

"Second lockdown arrived and I needed to get rid of the first lockdown bulge. I was recommended JML fitness. I signed up and within the first week I was hooked. I could choose which exercise class I wanted to do and at what ever time suited me. I could join in on a live class or just wait and join in later. The variety of classes are excellent.


JML Fitness has an app that records your nutrition, step count, workouts and group chats. You also have a direct messaging service to James if u are in need of encouragement.


James checks in on you once a week to make sure all is ok. JML also runs monthly challenges for all abilities which I love getting involved with. The chats with the other members have been great and not always about fitness, just life in general.

Within 9 weeks of joining I lost 18lbs. I’ve now reached my goal weight and just focus on my fitness."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Nicola

"I joined JML fitness at the beginning of the year after my friend recommended James to me. I hadn’t worked out in years and after overeating and drinking throughout the lockdowns I was a couple of stone heavier. My clothes didn’t fit me, I felt bloated and really unfit I knew I had to try something. I started the Operation You 28 day challenge. At first the challenges killed me I felt a little embarrassed to send them in, but James was always encouraging.


In my failed attempts at working out over the years I’ve tried video workouts which I usually get really bored with doing the same thing. James uploads new videos daily so I never get bored and it gives me a chance to try things I maybe wouldn’t have before. I can feel my fitness improving every week and rather than dreading the videos I really enjoy his workouts and how they make me feel afterwards. The weekly challenges throughout the week give me a kick to get me motivated. They help so much with fitness but also mental health in the crazy lockdown world.


I would highly recommend JML fitness to anybody who wants to start or get back to their fitness and maintain it."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Laura


"When lockdown meant the gym had to close James stepped in offering online classes and support.

The JML Fitness Family was created offering monthly challenges , which Ive participated in with just a tad of competitiveness, the friendly group has a chat room which offers support and encouragement to each other, this has definitely helped to keep me motivated and to keep my fitness regime going!

I love the range of live and recorded exercise classes that James has made available 24/7, I've discovered I love pilates!!

James also does a weekly check in to make sure all is ok and if any help is needed, a nice personal touch!

I would highly recommend JML FITNESS to anybody who wants to get fit!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jo

"I can’t recommend JML fitness enough. I know James from 3D Health & Fitness and in the 1st lockdown I joined his membership group to help keep myself motivated and join in with his zoom and live Facebook classes.


There’s so much in the group to keep you going. A full library of nutritional meals, classes for all levels of fitness that can be done at a time that suits you and all arranged in categories so they are easy to find. There’s always motivational posts to keep us going and on our toes. All members are lovely and we keep each other motivated. James has a step challenge each month to keep us members moving, this was excellent for me as I’ve just recovered from an injury so walking was all I could manage. I tracked my calories set by James and made sure I hit a step goal of at least 10K and I lost 10lb in just under 6 weeks.


I’ve just signed up for his 28 day lockdown challenge and looking forward to seeing what progress I make. You get 100% support from James and nothing is too much trouble. The app you get is fantastic you can log progress pictures, measurements, your calorie intake and also links to your fitness tracker for steps."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Liz

"I know James via the 3D gym at Cardinal Hume school, his classes were tough but worth it. HOWEVER during lock down I decided to follow him - he put classes on via Zoom so you could not cheat and also via Facebook live & you always felt he was in the living room with you. I then decided to join his JML group as I felt it was worth the online classes alone. I  absolutely love it! I might be 60 plus & I am among much younger girls but the encouragement James gives & ok if I can’t do a certain exercise because of old knees he has an instant solution.

I certainly would recommend James to put you on the right track whether it is fitness, encouragement or even when you are at your lowest, he will give you that little nudge via a message - skip the scales join this group it is all you need for the toning & we all cheer each other on even if we hate James at times."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Karen

"I’ve joined up to the JML online programme since lockdown, for motivation with meeting my weight loss and fitness goals. I’m delighted with the progress so far, seeing brilliant results in losing fat and improving cardiovascular fitness and strength. The group is great for support and ideas, and James’s online classes are brilliant. This is much more effective and better value for money than any well known ‘diet’ plan I’ve tried, of which there are many!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Donna

"After joining James' online fitness programme a few weeks ago, I could not recommend him enough. His online classes have given me extra motivation during lock down and I'm already noticing results. The content you're given as a member through his app is second to none, including recipes, nutrition log, workouts etc"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Aaron

"I joined JML fitness through the last lockdown, the recorded classes are excellent, short 30 min max classes that you can do at a time convenient for you.


James is very friendly, approachable, makes the classes enjoyable even though I might curse the odd time under my breathe (I secretly love it).


The monthly challenges are great to get you motivated and this group has helped keep my mind in the right place and give me something to focus on.


I have had a few health problems lately and James has given me excellent advice and support to help to het me back into things safely.


If it wasn't for this group I might have gone stir crazy by now, the support from James and the group members is amazing like a little family I love it."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Lyndsay