Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions, to get a better understanding of how JML Fitness Family Membership works...

Q: What is JML Fitness Family Membership?

A: JML Fitness Family Membership is an online community platform designed to help you work towards a specific goal such as losing fat. 

Upon joining, you will be given a breakdown of how many calories you need to do this, as well as being given the tools you’ll need to equip yourself with on your journey.


Not only this but you will also get access to a catalogue of time efficient recipe ideas, weekly LIVE classes, your own personal fitness hub, weekly accountability check ins and access to our members only Facebook group.

Q: What do I get with JML Fitness Family Membership?

A: With JML Fitness Family Membership you will get the following…

  • 3 LIVE classes per week + over 100 more recorded classes

  • 2 Recorded 45 minute Yoga & Pilates classes each week

  • 1 x accountability check in each week with our Hotseat

  • 15 brand new recipes each month + access to 100’s more including high protein, vegetarian and vegan

  • Monthly tutorials on exercise and nutrition 

  • Access to your personal fitness hub where you can log workouts and nutrition, update your metrics and add progress photographs

  • Entry to our private members only Facebook community 

Q: Is fat loss the only goal you can help me with?

A: No not at all! Most of our members join with goal of fat loss, however you can still join if you are working towards increasing your fitness, maintaining your current weight or gaining muscle.

Q: Do I need any equipment to join in with the LIVE workouts?

A: Although most of our LIVE classes are bodyweight only, we would encourage you to invest in the following equipment so that you can join in with all classes…

  • Exercise mat

  • Aerobic step

  • Light Dumbbells (between 2-4kgs)

  • Kettlebell Set (between 4-12kg)

Q: What happens if I can’t make the LIVE class?

A: No panic, all classes record and are available immediately after the LIVE class has finished. It will be stored in the class library, meaning you can do the class whenever you can fit it into your day.

Q: I don’t have a Facebook account, does this matter?

A: A Facebook account is beneficial to make the most of your membership subscription. This is where you will really feel a part of the Family and where you will gain access to LIVE and recorded classes.

However, you can still the JML Fitness Family without one and benefit from everything else we have to offer.

Q: How often can I check in for support?

A: As part of your subscription you will benefit from 1 weekly check in via our LIVE Hotseat. There is also a Helpdesk for any technical queries you may encounter.

Q: Will I be tied in to a contract with the monthly membership?

A: No, our monthly membership can be cancelled at any time should you no longer be benefiting from your membership. This can be done via email or by messaging our Facebook page.

Q: When are membership payments taken?

A: Membership payments are taken via the card you made your initial payment on the same day every month. I.e. if you signed up on 21st January, your next payment would then be 21st February.

Q: I’ve never done calorie counting before, how will I learn?

A: Upon joining, you will be given a breakdown of how many calories you need. You will then have access to videos and user guides, explaining how best you can stick to these calories around your lifestyle.

Q: Will I need to cut out foods that I enjoy such as Pizza and Chocolate?

A: No, we encourage our members not to restrict anything. We are all for balance, enjoying less nutritious foods you like alongside foods that are full of nutrients. We will educate you on how you can do this.

Q: I am a Vegetarian/Vegan, are there recipes for me?

A: Yes, we have recipe ideas for both Vegetarians and Vegans as part of our membership package.

Q: Will I receive a meal plan to follow?

A: No, you will not receive a meal plan to follow. Here at JML Fitness we are firmly against giving our members meal plans to stick to.

Instead we will strive to teach you the skills to manage your own nutrition. From past experience, we have found this a much more sustainable way for our members to live.

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