10 tips to staying on track...

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

1. Prepare your meals

- Spend a couple of hours of your Sunday batch cooking your meals for the upcoming days. Doing this will help you to resist temptations as you’ll always have something to hand.

2. Schedule your weekly workouts

- Pencil in days/times you are going to train. Having set times will act as a commitment and help you to get your sessions done even when you really don’t feel like doing them.

3. Get enough sleep

- Do you get 7/8 hours sleep per night? Sleep is so important for our mental and physical health. It can also be the difference between you sticking to your exercise/diet plan. Too little sleep can lower motivational levels and also increase cravings, make sure you are getting enough of it. 

4. Increase your non-exercise activity

- Did you know that only 5% of your total daily energy expenditure comes from planned exercise? We tend to only work out for around 30-60 minutes per day so what you are doing for the rest of it is key. Get your steps up throughout the day to burn more calories.

5. Track your calories every day

- If you are working towards a goal such as fat loss then tracking your calories is crucial to your success. Tracking helps you to see exactly what you are putting in your body and that you are not consuming more than it needs.

6. Choose an activity you enjoy

- Don’t do something that you have heard has been successful for someone else if you personally don’t enjoy it. Do something which you actually enjoy and look forward to doing. That way you are more likely to stick to it and get the results you desire. 

7. Focus on you

- This is your journey, no one else’s. Don’t compare yourself to others, remember that all progress is at different rates.

8. Reflect daily

- Check in with yourself daily to see how you are getting on. Did you exercise, did you track your calories, did you get your steps in. If you didn’t don’t beat yourself up about it. Just make sure you get back on track the next day. 

9. Celebrate your progress

- Lost a couple of pounds? Smashed your step target for the day? Beat your personal best time? Then celebrate your success. Doing this will help you stay motivated, allow you to retain focus and leave you feeling great.

10. Join JML Fitness Membership

- My community is building and it’s special to be a part of. People are getting results, they are getting fitter and they are feeling great. Everyone is pushing each other on and celebrating each other’s success. You can also become a part of it for just £5 a month. If you find that it’s not for you, you can cancel at anytime.

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