Are fitness trackers a worthwhile investment?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

I regularly get asked if a fitness tracker is worth getting and to be honest I'm all for them.

They may have certain flaws i.e. wearing on your wrist is not going to give you an accurate heart rate reading but I believe the benefits certainly outweigh this, especially for someone getting into fitness or looking to move more.

So what are the benefits to getting one? Well...

They provide daily motivation

Research studies show that owning a fitness tracker increases motivation. The tracker truly helps you make the most of your workout. By actually being able to see how hard you are working out at the time of working out, you are more likely to push yourself further, helping to squeeze everything you possibly can out of each workout. Some trackers are even designed to offer motivational notifications, which prompt you to workout or get up and move during times of inactivity.

They can track and identify sleep patterns

Most fitness trackers are now designed to monitor sleep. This feature gives an insight into not only how much sleep you are getting but also how much meaningful sleep you are getting during the night. Sleep is crucial when it comes to recovering from intense bouts of exercise, so this nifty feature allows you to keep a check that you are getting enough of it throughout the week.

Informs you of your daily steps & calorie expenditure

No more guessing. A fitness tracker will inform you exactly how much energy you have expended throughout the day. This will make it a lot easier for controlling how many calories you need to consume. Not only this, it will also help with motivation levels, its' amazing how trying to reach a certain number of daily steps can keep you going.

Helps with goal setting

A main feature of a fitness tracker, you are able to set an overall goal and the tracker works to keep you engaged so that you hit your goal. Whether your goal is to burn a certain number of calories, hit a certain number of steps, sleep for a particular number of hours, this can be preset and monitored throughout.

Assists in forming healthy habits

You are not going to get the body of your dreams overnight. A tracker will help to keep you 'on track' and encourage healthy habits. Monitoring and sticking to daily steps and hours slept in particular, can really help to form lasting habits so that you can live a happier and healthy life.

Holds you accountable

A fitness tracker is personal to you. The only person you are competing against is yourself. All trackers allow you to set goals and targets to work towards, which means that you are accountable for reaching them.

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