What to know when it comes to female fat loss

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

As a lot of the people I work with are Female, I thought this would be a very important topic to cover. Especially if you train/exercise alongside a partner or friend who happens to be male.

Did you know...

- Men are typically larger in frame than women and carry more muscle mass also. Therefore, it can take women 33 per cent longer to burn the same amount of calories as a man.

Ever done a fitness class, worked your ass off only to find the male beside you has burnt a hell of a lot more calories than you? Trust me, It certainly wasn't down to lack of effort.

- The female body needs to store more body fat than that of a male. The main reason for this is that it needs to be able to survive pregnancy, so don't fret if your body fat % seems an awful lot higher than your partner's.

-A female's menstrual cycle can play a huge role when it comes to fat loss. Your menstrual cycle tends to be over a 28 day period.

Bang in the middle of it we have ovulation, pre-ovulation is known as the follicular phase and post-ovulation is known as the luteal phase.

In the follicular phase (first 14 days)... - Estrogen levels tend to be higher, estrogen helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer. - Your body is more insulin sensitive, resulting in being able to handle carbohydrates better. - In week 1 of this phase you will hold water i.e. you may weigh more. - Pre-ovulation there will be a release of testosterone, meaning this is the peak time for performance and strength.

In the luteal phase (last 14 days)... - Your body is more insulin resistant, resulting in not being able to handle carbohydrates as well. - A woman's metabolic rate increases, meaning the average woman needs between 100-300 kcals more per day. - It is common to experience cravings. - In week 1 of this phase you will hold water i.e. you may weigh more. - You will likely see a deterioration in performance and strength through this phase. SUMMARY

  • Don't compare yourself to males when it comes to fat loss or burning calories.

  • Accept that it is natural as a woman to store more body fat.

  • Don't compare yourself week on week, as quite simply, you are a different physiology.

  • During your luteal phase, eat more vegetables or small pieces of fruit to restrict your cravings.

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